• Arsenal-tier Emacs: Mass Rename

    Lets rename a folder of annoying Twitter .jpg-orig files to what they should be–and lets do it in less than five seconds!

    Renaming of an entire folder in no time at all

  • Try Again!

    Have you ever given up on a project? Maybe it was too ambitious? Maybe you doubted yourself? Or maybe you lost motivation somewhere along the way?

    Imagine if you had finished your project. Wouldn’t that have been cool?

    If you think so, maybe you should try again! Pick up your old project! You can make things different this time–and there are all kinds of tricks you can use to help yourself along.

    Whatever they are, don’t give up on your ambitions!

    Try again!

  • Sneaky Images

    There is something wrong with this image. Can you tell me what’s wrong though? img

    Go ahead, download it, inspect it, try to figure it out.

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