• Square peg, round hole: Roguelikes in Termux

    The last few months of my time has been on-and-off spent trying to get a number of traditional roguelikes to run on my phone. To me, the idea of being able to possibly play something from a genre of largely-free games that required next-to no battery power and sported a basically limitless amount of replayability on my phone was something of a minor dream! But if you’re anything like me, the idea of trying to control these things with touchscreen controls seemed like it would be painful at best. But the “potential cool” of being able to have portable ADOM outweighed the negatives. So it was at least worth a try!

    In this post, I’ll talk a little about my adventures in getting these little RPGs working on an unrooted Android phone!

    Oshawott playin with a phone

  • Making minds: My year! 2019!

    2019 is the year I tackle my anxiety, head on! Excited!!

    I’ve always wanted to make things that made others happy, but I’ve always been worried that drawing attention to myself for things that Not Everyone cared about would be selfish. So, being the absolute brain genius I am, I decided that the best way to get around this was to make full-scale resolutions to get better at a large number of things. That way I could use those things as excuses to put stuff out there without feeling guilty about the possibility that I might be annoying to someone.

    Because if I was good enough, nobody would be bugged by seeing me occasionally, right?

    As a result, I didn’t want to put out anything except for polished and finished works–and my entire online identify basically became a “brand” where I couldn’t let any of the imperfect “me” leak out.

    That wasn’t great. But this is the year I’m changing that!

  • Arsenal-tier Emacs: Mass Rename

    Lets rename a folder of annoying Twitter .jpg-orig files to what they should be–and lets do it in less than five seconds!

    Renaming of an entire folder in no time at all

  • Sneaky Images

    There is something wrong with this image. Can you tell me what’s wrong though? img

    Go ahead, download it, inspect it, try to figure it out.

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