I write things on occasion when I am learning about them. Sometimes people find these things helpful.

Land of Lisp

Lisp is nice and so is Conrad Barski

Awesome book! Not only do you make games to learn Common Lisp, you also end up learning all kinds of neat things about functional programming and a good portion of the book is made up with comics.

Yoda Stories Reverse Engineering

In which I basically paraphrase someone else’s blog post to you

Because I really want to get better at reverse engineering things I know nothing about, here are some notes I took when following along with a Reverse Engineering tutorial by Zachtronics! (Seriously, what does this guy have against the idea of me having free time ever??)

Setting up WSL 1 to integrate nicely with Windows

Ubuntu, with Windows as your DM

I have a bunch of notes about how I like to integrate Windows and WSL together. Things like:

  • Having a home folder that doesn’t seem isolated from the rest of your system
  • Running Windows .exes without typing the “.exe” part (So “explorer .” works)
  • Setting up services and cron with the Task Scheduler (So you can connect to sshd before you even log into Windows!)
  • ezpz terminal access (The Ctrl + Alt + T shortcut in a lot of Linux DMs)
  • Calling Linux programs from Windows, and even associating them with things Windows-side
  • Graphics in WSL 1