Oh, hi!

Welcome to my humble little corner of the net!

The name’s Archenoth, and as corny as it sounds, I want to make things that can make others happy!

What kinds of things though?


As you can likely tell from my blog, I’m a programmer! So my claim to fame is that I perform sometimes-useful and sometimes-amusing acts of minor technomancy. I also like experimenting with things that absolutely shouldn’t work.

Another thing you might have gathered is that I’m an almost-artist. I draw things every once in a while, and those things are usually Pokemon, including my favorite, Oshawott!

And of course, you might also get the gist that I’m a maybe-musician. I really appreciate certain types of music, and I want to not only make the things I wish existed, but also to arrange the things that do.

I guess that’s it..? Maybe I will put something Actually Useful here someday, but for now, enjoy links to parts of websites that aren’t mine!

The Twitters

Archenoth – Not exactly a full stream of conciousness, but you’ll find most of the things I work on here first!

The GitHubs

Archenoth – A collection of aspirational abandonded projects

GPG keys

I use system-specific GPG keys, all which you can find here!

The included keys in this file are for:

With these keys, you can actually see which boxes I commit code from, or encrypt things to send my way~